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Elephant Haven Thailand
Big Change ! No riding, No shows, JUST LOVE !
Elephant Haven – Sai Yok Kanchanaburi program, is located in the South West of Thailand.
The team from Elephant Nature Park have been working together with The SaiYok Elephant Park ,A trekking camp in Kachanaburi, in preparation of this important event. Taking the saddles off of the elephants that were being used for riding.
This project is extremely important to educate trekking camps and people who keep elephants, about the joy and satisfaction for everyone by giving freedom to elephants to live in their natural habitats. The more people support this project, the brighter the future is for other elephants.
It is time now to take the saddle off of the elephants. It’s now time to provide an elephant haven for them.
From now on, they will enjoy their time to walk together to the green fields, roam free, play in the mud, eat well and swim in the river.
It is time to retire them from their labors, young or old, and say goodbye to being ridden. It is time for people to come to treat them with respect.
If you want to help to make the difference for them, please come to support this new Elephant Haven Project. Now…





Big Change ! No riding, No shows, JUST LOVE !